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My clientele is as diverse as the moments I capture. I’ve had the privilege of working with couples celebrating love, families creating cherished memories, and individuals seeking to express their unique stories through photography. Every client receives a personalized experience, marked by a deep understanding of their individual needs and a commitment to excellence.

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Skills, passion, unique style and client-centric approach
Salvador aka Sotiris

Salvador aka Sotiris

Premier Photographer
As a premier photographer, I possess a diverse skill set that has been finely honed through years of experience. I excel in capturing the magic of the moment through expert use of lighting, composition, and attention to detail. My images tell stories, evoking emotions and encapsulating memories that last a lifetime. What sets me apart is my distinctive documentary perspective. I don't just take pictures, I create visual narratives. My unobtrusive approach allows me to capture genuine, unscripted moments that speak of authenticity and emotion. My work is a seamless blend of storytelling and artistry. Specializing in destination weddings, I have a wealth of experience in capturing the beauty and significance of these unique celebrations. Whether it's a romantic beachfront wedding, a culturally rich ceremony, or an adventurous elopement in a distant locale, I know how to seize the moments that make these occasions unforgettable.

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Testimonials from our happy customers
  • As an aspiring model, I needed professional headshots to kickstart my portfolio. Salvador's expertise and guidance during the photoshoot were invaluable. I'm thrilled with the results and can't thank Salvador enough!
    Lucas Martinez
  • Salvador's passion for photography shines through in every image he captures. Working with him was a pleasure, and the results exceeded my expectations. True Tales Photography is simply the best
    Emily Rodriguez
  • Δε θα μπορούσα να είμαι πιο ευχαριστημένος με τις οικογενειακές φωτογραφίες που τράβηξε ο Σωτήρης για εμάς. Έχει έναν αξιοσημείωτο ταλέντο για να αποτυπώνει γνήσιες στιγμές και τα αποτελέσματα μιλάνε από μόνα τους. Τον συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα
  • Ο Σωτήρης απαθανάτισε τη μαγεία της ημέρας του γάμου μας με αψεγάδιαστο τρόπο. Η προσοχή του στη λεπτομέρεια και η δημιουργικότητά του έκαναν πραγματικά αξέχαστες τις φωτογραφίες μας. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ,
  • Ο Σωτήρης ήταν η επιλογή μας για να απαθανατίσει τις πολύτιμες στιγμές του νεογέννητου μας. Η υπομονή του και η απαλή προσέγγισή του στο μωρό μας οδήγησαν σε εντυπωσιακές φωτογραφίες που θα αγαπάμε και θα χαζεύουμε  για πάντα. Ευχαριστούμε, Σωτήρη